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Catastrophe Response

Disaster can happen anytime, anywhere. When you call a disaster recovery company, they should have the knowledge and the resources to help you out immediately. Whether tornado, earthquakes, severe storm, flood, drought or wildfire, SKY Restoration DKI is ready to help you out at a moment’s notice. Our disaster recovery experts are trained to diagnose the extent of the damage and experience to fix it. Once dispatched, our 24-hour emergency services are there to help you get things back to normal.

Have Questions About Catastrophe Response?

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From the minute we arrive to the completion of the project, a SKY Restoration DKI contractor will keep you informed during every step of the way. Additionally, we’ll work with your insurance company and ensure you get the disaster recovery and repairs your home or business needs. Not every disaster recovery company will keep you this informed or provide remediation services that are this transparent, but SKY Restoration DKI believes it’s absolutely necessary for complete recovery.

No matter which type of catastrophe, the first step is making sure everybody is safe and out of harm’s way. This means making sure anyone around the scene is away from danger or anything that can harm them more. Making sure the utilities are not comprised is also important. Damaging winds, tornadoes, and floods can compromise utility infrastructure, leading to dangerous broken gas lines and exposed electrical systems. Leaving the building or area and getting help from a professional is the best thing to do.

  • Provide 24/7 Emergency Service

  • Highly Trained Water Restoration Specialists

Emergency Services

SKY Restoration DKI also provides emergency services on both commercial and residential buildings when issues arise. These services include:

  • Tarping

  • Board-ups

  • Tree removal

Having these services performed as soon as possible after they occur can significantly limit the damage your building experiences in the long run, and gives you a chance to make a plan of action on how to repair the damage that has been caused

Commerical Catastrophe Response Services

No loss is too large for our team to handle! Our affiliation with the largest property restoration contracting organization in North America (DKI) gives us the advantage to provide the necessary manpower and equipment required to quickly mitigate large losses. We understand that the longer your business takes to become operational after a disaster means a higher potential for a loss of revenue. Speed and experience are crucial in providing emergency relief after a catastrophe strikes.

Upon immediate arrival, a DKI licensed contractor will inspect your property prior to begin any repairs, then set up a restoration plan. We will work with you and your insurance company to keep you informed during every step of the process for transparency and fast recovery.

All SKY Restoration DKI and other DKI contractors are continually educated, trained and certified to provide the best quality services for all losses, big or small, caused by water, fire, storm, mold or other damages.


Kentucky storms have the ability to have Kansas like winds, which increases the possibility of wind damages. Along with tornadoes, thunderstorms also can damage property with high winds. These destructive forces of nature can damage roofs made of a popular material such as shingles with the intense winds and amount of heavy rain. Our team knows how to make sure that wind damage is decreased with our training.


Catastrophe Response Travel

While we are based in Smiths Grove, Kentucky, SKY Restoration DKI has a large network of other companies that look to us for support when major events hit their area. Since our beginning in 2017, we have traveled to over 25 events and cities all over the United States. Some of these cities include Houston, Texas; Panama City, Florida; Souderton, Pennsylvania; New Orleans, Louisiana; Wilmington, North Carolina and more. We have dedicated crews that stay on job sites for multiple weeks at a time, and they are there to see the cleanup from the beginning, until the very end. 

Commerical Storm Damage Services

Storm damage can be detrimental to your business operations. Call our 24-hour emergency line immediately to begin the recovery process: 270-253-4354

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