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Broken Pipes in the Summer

While pipes are typically known to burst through the winter months when water freezes, there are multiple reasons why pipes could burst during the warmer months.

Invasive tree roots: As trees grow, so do their roots, which can become invasive very quickly. As these roots are looking for nourishment, they often can find it with pinhole leaks in pipes. If they find a leak, they can quickly grow around the pipes, and begin causing pressure, which leads to bursts.

Corrosion: Older metal pipes can being to rust from the inside out as they age. This weakens the pipe wall and affects the joints and seals. This can then eventually lead to a slow leak or large break.

Wear and old age: Pipes and hoses do not last forever. The older they get, the more they age and wear out. Plumbing hoses also deteriorate over time, causing small, slow leaks behind your appliances. If not found in time, they can cause major damage and mold growth. Checking your hoses often, and replacing rubber hoses with a braided, steel version can help protect your property from damage.

Construction work: As construction work goes on, a stray shovel is a major enemy of all buried utilities, including water supply lines and sewer pipes. Since construction is a common summertime activity, this is another potential reason pipes can break in warm weather.

Substandard repairs: It is always important to hire a professional when working on pipes for your home. Faulty pipe patches can do more harm than good, and can cause major breaks down the road. Make sure you only hire a licensed plumber to work on your pipes to avoid issues.

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