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Coverage Area

What is the SKY Restoration DKI coverage area? SKY Restoration covers all of Southern Kentucky throughout the Northern Tennessee region. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Smiths Grove, Kentucky

  • Bowling Green, Kentucky

  • Glasgow, Kentucky

  • Campbellsville, Kentucky

  • Brownsville, Kentucky

  • Owensboro, Kentucky

  • Hartford, Kentucky

  • Greensburg, Kentucky

  • Henderson, Kentucky

  • Manchester, Kentucky

  • Russellville, Kentucky

  • Clarksville, Tennessee

  • Hartsville, Tennessee

  • Nashville, Tennessee

  • Portland, Tennessee

  • Lafayette, Tennessee

  • Ashland City, Tennessee

  • Gallatin, Tennessee

Depending on the job type and size, we are able to travel even further. There are also certain times throughout the year when a large storm hits an area that we travel to help clean up and assist other restoration companies with their workload. We have traveled to places such as Florida and Texas.

If you ever have any questions on if your job falls in our coverage area, give us a call to find out!

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