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Firework Safety Guidelines

Fireworks are something that many people enjoy, especially during the summer

months and around the 4th of July, but they can be very dangerous if not used

correctly. While there are many professional shows put on during the summer

months, here are some things to do to make sure your fireworks stay safe:

1. Follow fireworks rules: Many states have rules on what type of fireworks

are legal, but some allow fireworks in all forms. It is important to know what

is legal in your state, and stay within those guidelines!

2. Use a flat, open area: Use an area where the ground is flat, bare dirt,

sand, concrete, or stone. Avoid trees, tall grasses, and buildings.

3. Be considerate of others: While the 4th of July is a time of the year when

people expect fireworks to be used, it is important to be considerate of your

neighbors, and the time that you are shooting them off.

4. Safety perimeter: Make sure any spectators are at least 35 feet away

from the launch zone.

5. Weather conditions: Do not shoot fireworks when it is windy

6. Be prepared for disaster: Have a water hose or buckets of water ready to

go in case there are any accidental fires.

7. Pace yourself: Only light one firework at a time, as this prevents any

issues from arising.

8. Wet used fireworks: Dunking used fireworks in water can help prevent

them from relighting once in the trash can.

9. Supervise children and pets: Do not let children or pets be alone around

fireworks without supervision. Even just a touch of a lit firework can cause

3rd Degree burns.



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