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How to Prevent a Flooded Basement

A flooded basement is something that everyone wants to avoid. There are several different preventative measures you can take to avoid this from happening to your home.

● Check for and seal foundation cracks: Inspect both the outside and inside of your

foundation walls for fissures. You can repair small hairline cracks with caulk, and you

may have to call in a professional for anything larger than that.

● Waterproof coating: If your basement walls are made of porous concrete or masonry,

applying a waterproof coating can help fill every pore to create a solid, impenetrable


● Soil grading: The ground on your property should slope away from the foundation of

your home or any other buildings. If it does not already do this, adding soil as needed to

guide runoff where you want it, or add a drainage system to help divert excessive

rainwater can help ensure that water runs away from your home.

● Clean out your gutters: It is possible that rain can pour over the sides of a clogged

gutter and splash up against the foundation. To prevent this flooding, clean your gutters

at least twice a year.

●Extend your downspouts: To reduce the water around the basement walls by installing

downspouts that deposit water at least six feet from the foundation.

● Install a sump pump: Sump pumps sit in a pit dug in the lowest part of your home. This appliance pumps out the water if there is a leak, to help prevent a fully flooded




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