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How to Prevent Smoke and Fire Damage in Your Home

“Fire and smoke damage can quickly spread in a matter of minutes into multiple parts of your home. This can become costly and a headache for homeowners. Our goal is to help you prevent this from happening in your home.

There are multiple ways to prevent smoke or fire damage from impacting your home.

Some of them are:

Test Every Smoke Alarm

At least once every 6 months, test the batteries in your smoke detectors, and if they are low, change them ASAP!

Keep Your Stove/Oven Clean

Pieces of fallen food can quickly ignite when they become too hot. Keep your cooking area clear to prevent this.

Check Your Dryer's Lint Trap

Each time you use your dryer, check the lint trap and make sure that it is clean. This will reduce buildup, and reduce the risk of a fire from happening within the hoses. Another great tip is to NEVER leave your dryer running when you leave the home.

Replace Fraying Cords

Before plugging anything in, make sure the cord is in good condition, and is safe to use. If it is showing signs of wear and tear, replace it ASAP.

Fireplace Safety

Never leave a lit fireplace unattended! While fireplaces are built to hold flames, accidents can happen!

Have A Working Fire Extinguisher

This is your best defense against a fire break out! Make sure that each family member of age knows how to property use it.”



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