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Service Spotlight - Air Duct Cleaning

An air duct cleaning is one service that every home and commercial business could use. Over the years, many things such as dirt, pollen, mold, debris and more can get caught in the airways and circulated in the air. Having a company come out and clean can improve your quality of air, get rid of any unwanted odors, clean out bacteria, and cut down on the dust in your home.

Another great time to have an air duct cleaning is when moving into a newly built home. When a new home is built, there is a lot of dust that is involved. While most new constructions have a professional deep clean to get as much dust as possible up, as time goes on, more will surface throughout the home from the air ducts.

Before your move in date, or right after you move in is a great time to have this done, and cut down on your cleaning!

In the photo, you can see one of our air duct cleaners working on scaffolding to reach an air duct that is in 12 foot ceilings. No matter how large or difficult it may seem to get to your air duct, there is a way to take care of the issue!

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