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Summer Water Loss Causes

When you think of a water loss, you typically think of a frozen pipe bursting in the wintertime. But there are several reasons why there could be a water loss during warmer weather. Be aware of these 5 summer water loss causes:

Tree Roots - Over time, tree roots grow toward water sources, which can also unfortunately be tiny sewer lines. If they end up growing inside of these small lines, then they can expand until they clog or burst your sewer line completely.

Alternating Wet and Dry Spells - When there are wet and dry spells throughout the summer, this can cause the soil to move and shift over time. This can cause underground pipes to shift and burst.

Rusty and Old Pipes - Corroded pipe joints, aging seals, and hardened rubber hoses can all be causes of age related issues when it comes to pipes. This type of failure can happen at any time of the year.

Substandard Repair Work - One of the hardest situations is when you get shoddy work or repair done on your home. When the work is not done correctly, this can lead to issues arising or coming back. If you do have any type of repair work needing to be completed, SKY Restoration DKI has both a mitigation and a repairs department in house. That means we can handle any type of issues you may need corrected.

Poorly Aimed Shovels - Summertime is the time of the year when there are a lot of outdoor and landscaping projects going on. While working on these projects, one thing that many people might not think about is where their plumbing is. Make sure to take the time to locate your plumbing to avoid a misaimed shovel causing issues!



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