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Who cleans up a crime scene or biohazard?

One of the hardest situations to get taken care of is when there is a crime scene or biohazard present. For the safety of your family or work crews, it is important to sub out this type of clean up to a professional company who is highly trained. We are proud to have crews that are trained and ready to go when we get a call that includes biohazard.

Biohazard can include:

● Unattended Death Clean Up

● Blood Clean Up

● Homicide and Suicide Clean Up

● Crime Scene Clean Up

● Industrial Accidents

● Animal Clean Up

● Hoarding Situations

● Body Fluids

● Microbiological and Pathological Waste

● And More

When we are called to work on a job site like this, it is typically a very traumatictime. Because of this, SKY Restoration DKI takes every precaution to staydiscrete and be very respectful whichever situation this may be.



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