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Here’s a common situation: It’s 3 am, and after hours of heavy rain you realize your sump pump has stopped working and your basement is flooded and under several feet of water. After the initial panic, you realize that you not only have to get rid of the water, but you also have to get rid of the mess and biohazards that a flooded basement can bring. But who do you call for that? Most homeowners probably don’t know what services such as disaster restoration, emergency property restoration, or disaster mitigation actually entail. However, statistically, most homeowners will find themselves in a situation where they will need these services. In this article, we will introduce to you what disaster restoration services entail and what types of situations call for them.

What Is Disaster Restoration?

To put it simply, disaster restoration means cleaning and restoring a piece of property to its original condition pre-disaster. Disasters that require this type of work can include:


This includes major flooding in your home that requires water removal, drying, and restoration before mold growth may start.


After a fire, smoke damage, fire damage, and soot could affect several parts of your home. Restoration is necessary for repairs to make the home healthy and inhabitable again.


This type of damage can be caused by anything from storm and wind damage to trees falling on the property.


While not as common as other types of home disasters, biohazard clean up from things such as chemical spills or accidents need immediate attention to prevent health damage to inhabitants.

Mold and Asbestos

If your house was built prior to 1980, there’s a big chance that you will find that asbestos is part of the construction and needs to be removed. An additional safety hazard is the presence of mold and mildew in your home that can grow rapidly if moisture is an issue. When it comes to these types of damages, even the best DIYer is better off calling in the professionals to make sure their home is not only sound but also safe to live in for years to come.

Why You Should Call in a Professional

For any homeowner, the health and safety of everyone who lives in the home is priority number one. However, if damage is not properly repaired, it could jeopardize the health of those who live there. For example, if a house becomes flooded, the prolonged exposure to water can affect the structural integrity of your home. Foundations can shift and loosen up, walls can collapse, and roofs can cave in. In addition, soot and smoke damage from a fire can cause allergic reactions and trigger respiratory infections and illnesses if the home is not properly cleaned and restored. A licensed restoration company will have skilled employees and the right equipment to test and inspect your property thoroughly. They'll measure how much damage has been done and to plan the necessary repairs to fix it. Since home restoration is not a one-size-fits-all model, it’s best to bring in the skilled experts to evaluate the damage. They have the training to determine what needs to be done to make your home safe again. Additionally, unlike regular contractors, disaster contractors know you can’t schedule disaster damage, so they are available 24/7/365. Restoration companies also have the expertise to help you with financing and insurance claims. Adding the stress of financing restoration to an already stressful situation can make even the most savvy homeowner overwhelmed. Calling in a professional will give you peace of mind. You’ll know that you are working with professionals who know the ins and outs of the insurance claim process and exactly the repairs needed to satisfy their end of the situation.

What Will a Restoration Company Do for You?

The actual process of restoring your home and property may vary depending on what kind of damage has been done. Typically, the following process is done:

  1. After the initial call is received, the clock starts ticking. SKY Restoration DKI knows that every minute counts when it comes to your health and safety. It's our promise to respond to the insured within 4 hours of receiving the call.

  2. The Mitigation Production Manager will contact the homeowner to communicate an ETA.

  3. After the homeowner signs work authorization, the mitigation team will begin work immediately.

  4. The Repairs Project Manager will schedule a meeting with the homeowner and the insurance adjuster to agree on the repairs that need to be done.

  5. An estimate will then be created .

  6. Insurance approves the estimate.

  7. The Project Manager works with the homeowner to schedule repairs.

  8. The Project Manager works with the homeowner and the work crew to ensure homeowner satisfaction with the work.

  9. Accounts Receivable will review the billing process and work with insurance companies for payment.

  10. Then, once the work is completed, the Project Manager will schedule a walk through with the homeowner. They'll make sure everything has been completed to the homeowner’s satisfaction.

Using contractors like Complete DKI not only guarantees a smooth process as outlined above, but you are also able to use the same contractor for the job from start to finish, eliminating the need to juggle communication with several different companies.

Is It Time To Call In Disaster Restoration Services Professionals?

After decades of experience and expertise, the professionals of SKY Restoration DKI are ready to discuss with you how they can quickly and effectively get you back on track as though your home was never damaged to begin with.

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