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Fire Safety Tips

The winter months are when the risk of fires rises significantly. At SKY Property Restoration DKI, our first priority is our customer's safety and livelihood. Our goal is to limit damage and to educate you on how to PREVENT disasters from happening to your business or home.

What can I do to prevent a fire?


Test Every Smoke Alarm

This is the simplest way to prevent fire damage from quickly spreading in your home

undetected. At least twice a year, take the time to press the “Test” button on the side of the device. If it is weak, go ahead and change the batteries.

Keep Your Stove and Oven Clean

When food particles build up, they can quickly catch fire if they get hot enough. Keeping your cooking areas free and clear is an easy way to prevent accidents from happening.

Check Your Dryer

It is important to clean your lint trap in your dryer EVERY TIME you use it! This will prevent unneeded build-up that could quickly ignite. It is also a good idea to have it regularly inspected by a professional for issues and to never leave your dryer running when you leave the home.

Maintain All Cords

Frayed cords can cause a huge fire hazard when used and left unattended. As you plug

something in, always take time to quickly look the cord over and make sure it does not have any wear and tear.

Properly Store Flammable Products

Products that could POSSIBLY combust (for example- hairspray or shaving cream) should be kept away from any type of heat source and in a cool area.

Fireplace Safety

Always stay in the room when a fireplace is on, and make sure there is a door to prevent any flames from getting thrown onto the flooring.

Keep A Working Fire Extinguisher Around

This is your best defense against a fire breakout. Every room that has potential threats should have one, such as the kitchen. Every family member of age should also know how to use one.

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