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Service Spotlight - Mold Damage

Kentucky’s climate is the perfect place for mold growth to thrive. Mold consists of fungi and mold spores that have sprouted. For these organisms to sprout and thrive, they need a damp, cool, dark, moist climate.

In the Kentucky and Tennessee areas that SKY Restoration covers, most of our mold calls involve crawl spaces. When your crawl space has moisture entering it in any way, this can then creates the perfect petri dish for mold to begin growing. If not found quickly, the mold can keep spreading until you have a major problem.

To ensure that mold does not ever get out of hand for you and your home, it is important to check areas like your crawl space regularly to check for this type of damage. If you do see this type of damage, it is then important to have an expert check it out and determine what the next steps should be to remediate the issue.

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