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Why work in the restoration field?

The restoration field is one that many do not think much about until they have an issue arise in their own home or business. So why choose a career in the restoration field?

There are many reasons why working in this field is not only interesting, but also very rewarding. There are no “typical” days in the restoration world, as we are a 24/7 emergency response service. Everyday when you come in, you may have a different assignment for the day, and be working on a different jobsite.

The fact that the majority of our positions work directly with our clients, you can see the direct impact your work has on their daily life, and how you are impacting their day to day life.

When asked why they love working in the restoration field, here are some of the answers from our SKY Restoration DKI members:

“There is always a positive atmosphere in the mornings.”

“The work family I have made over the years.”

“The close knit work family, helping people in their time of need, and the culture.”

“I love being able to help our clients restore their properties, businesses and lives in their time of need.”

“The work family and the diversity between each of the jobs I get to work on.”

“I’ve always had a love for helping people, especially in their time of need. So rewarding to see smiling customers once jobs are complete.”

“My favorite part of working at SKY Restoration DKI is that every single day is different, and I enjoy helping those who need it!”

“My favorite thing about working for SKY Restoration DKI is the great coworkers, and having new challenges everyday!”

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