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How to Prevent Your Basement from Flooding

“Question - "How do I prevent a flooded basement?"


There are multiple ways to prevent a flooded basement from occurring.

● Seal foundation cracks: Inspect your interior and exterior foundation walls for fissures.

While large gaps may require a professional opinion, you can repair small hairline cracks

with caulk.

● Waterproof coating: If your basement walls are made of porous concrete or masonry, a waterproof coating can fill each pore to create a solid, impenetrable seal. While water

can still enter from above or below the walls, this can prevent it from coming in from the

walls themselves.

● Soil grading: The ground around your home or structure should slope away from the

foundation. If this is not the case, then adding soil as needed to guide runoff where you

want it can help prevent water damage. Another option is to add a drainage system to

help reroute excessive rainwater.

● Clean the gutters: Clogged gutters can cause water to build up, pour over the sides,

and splash up against the foundation. It is a great idea to clean out your gutters twice a


● Extend the downspouts: To reduce the soil saturation near your basement walls, install downspouts that deposit rainwater at least six feet from the foundation.

● Install a sump pump: Sump pumps sit in a pit that is dug under the lowest part of your

home. When a downpour raises the groundwater level, this appliance is there to pump

out the water and help prevent a flooded basement.

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