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The 3 Types of Water Categories

When it comes to water losses, there are three different types of water categories that we use to classify the type of water we are dealing with.

The first category is Clean Water:

This category of water is water that comes from a sanitary water source and does not post a great risk to the individuals that are cleaning up the water damage.

Examples of this would be: overflowing sinks, broken water supply lines, refrigerator line breaks and any type of leak involving fresh water.

The second category is Grey Water:

This category of water is water that contains significant contamination or could cause an illness to humans cleaning up the water. This water would include unsafe levels of bacteria, viruses, mold, or microorganisms.

Examples of this would be: overflow from washing machines or dishwashers, overflow from toilet bowls, punctured water beds, or broken aquariums.

The third category is Black Water:

This category of water is water that is grossly contaminated. It holds toxins or pathogens that are guaranteed to cause significant reactions when humans are exposed.

Examples of this would be: sewage, toilet backflow from beyond the toilet trap, seawater, ground surface water, river water/streams, tropical storm water, hurricanes, and water containing blood.

If you have any questions on what type of category your water loss is, give us a call at

270-253-4354. We would be happy to help diagnose what type of water damage you have, and give you recommendations on what to do.

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